A hassle-free entry

Entry into Iranian market is a difficult process, especially for hygienic products as many government approvals and IFDA agreements are required. For new entrants, as well as experienced brands, this process is often hassle-some, tiring, expensive and time consuming. Shekofa makes this process easy and hassle free for you. We are the largest importer of hygienic products in Iran, and understand the regulatory process well. Our dedicated regulatory team is capable of making your entry into Iranian market, quick and hassle free.

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A partner which understands the local regulations, letting you focus on brand development, while we manage everything local.

Your Benefits

  • Hassle free entry into one of the most complicated regulatory markets
  • Fast and quick entry. Reducing time to market for new brands, as well as new products of already present brands
  • You can concentrate on brand development, while we take care of the regulations, government departments and all the administrational work

We Offer

  • A dedicated team, experienced in dealing with all the government departments, especially IFDA.
  • The only distribution company with the facility to print and apply the IFDA labels within our facility.
  • A dedicated assembly line facility to label all products requiring IFDA label.
  • Relations and experience in dealing with all government departments from Customs to IFDA.
  • Transparency in dealing with expenses, time, and documentation required for regulatory requirements

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