In stock, on shelf, all the time

An unmatched logistics infrastructure and distribution centers to transport, store and distribute your products across Iran

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Unparalleled expertise in providing turn-key solution to our partners from factory to store to cash

Your Benefits

  • Full access to a distribution network that enables country-wide distribution in less than 3 days.
  • Services and infrastructures that can provide any brand with a real competitive edge.
  • Affordable and effective distribution and logistic services.
  • Total transparency in terms of what’s in stock and expiry dates.

We Offer

  • The largest logistic infrastructure across the country.
  • Centralized customer fulfillment center with more than 2000 SKUs.
  • 20 distribution centers providing goods to over 42000 customers.
  • The most advances labeling technologies and packaging especially for Personal Care products.
  • Total transparency regarding the documentations of the importing goods.
  • FEFO strategy for warehouse management that aims to supply products, making them flow through the supply chain.

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