A Humble Beginning

Shekofa began as a small wholesale business in the bazaars of Mashhad in the 1940s, and it is now a leading Market Expansion Services Provider in the Middle East. Our core principles that were established at our founding in 1942 continue to guide our everyday and our family-based values are at the heart of each decision we make.

Our values drive us, and they are the secret to our consistent and exponential success.

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Values we live by

We live by our values, and we thrive on them.

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We are part of a bigger, diversified family.

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Our Organization

We work in teams which deliver results.

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Lasting Partnerships

We think, work, deliver, and partner, long-term only.

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Shekofa Strategy

What makes us unique

Our Difference

We understanding branding, not just distribution. The strength of Shekofa lies in its adaptability and its ability to work with all ranges of partners, from SMEs to multinational companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build common visions with each of our partners, and service them skillfully per their individual needs, enabling long-term partnerships.

Our Achievements.

Today, our portfolio includes established brands that are household favorites, and local incubated brands that have quickly become market leaders.