Darkoob is a leading brand specializing in trash bags and plastic food storage. The brand is a challenger in the category with a dedicated team working on innovative product concepts.

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A new story

Darkoob is the youngest addition to the Shekofa brand and we have just started writing the story of a challenger brand. We will work closely with the founder in launching innovative campaigns and work toward making it a market leader in the category in the next 3 years.

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Working in a creative industry often means that you need to present your work on a global stage, using an attractive and professional platform .

  • Modern trade access

    In the first quarter of its launch in Shekofa the team launched the brand in all outlets in the modern trade channel an unimaginable accomplishment for this newly launched brand.

  • Operational improvement

    Shekofa trained the Darkoob manufacturing team working closely with the founder on its packaging optimization as well as developing a new set of designs that were more uniform to create a competitive advantage on shelf.