BIO’L is the result of the resilience that Shekofa has towards changing business landscapes. In 2011 with the ban on importation of hair coloration Shekofa decided to develop its own brand. In a mater of weeks the brands was created and launch the next month. Today the brand is the leader in not just hair coloration but multiple categories and has innovated in every category it has entered.

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The story of resilience

In 2012 the government halted importation of personal care products this signaled an alarm at Shekofa to start diversifying its basket into local products. BIO'L began with professional hair coloration. Today BIO'L is the leading brand in mass-tige hair coloration category in addition to adding more than 40 products in 4 other categories making it a household name in the Iranian market

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Working in a creative industry often means that you need to present your work on a global stage, using an attractive and professional platform .

  • Shelf Categorization

    BIO'L understands that a well-designed shelf is more than just product placement; it's a key touchpoint in the customer journey. Their innovative approach to shopper marketing combines clear categorization by need with visually appealing displays, ensuring customers can effortlessly discover the perfect self-care product while being informed about its benefits. This commitment to usability and discoverability is a testament to BIO'L's dedication to empowering informed choices and building lasting customer relationships.

  • Effective marketing

    Shekofa looks at the marketing budget with great discipline. After significant research the conclusion was made to invest in events targeted at professional hair stylists. A leading hair stylist was recruited with a schedule of organizing 24 events throughout Iran to develop direct contact with the stylists to educate them on using BIO'L products. This resulted in a database of 12,000 hair stylist.